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Now that all the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, you may find it's now time for a little skin detox. Too help you on your way Lavera have selected a few organic and natural skin care products which your skin will benefit from.

Exfoliate and deeply cleanse your facial skin with Lavera organic Purifying Scrub revealing radiant, brighter looking skin. Use the lavera purifying cleansing mask once or twice a week to deeply cleanse your skin, and help remove toxins as well as reducing blackheads and blemishes. Add Lavera Bath Salts to your bath or use the bath salts in a foot bath; these are perfect for easing stress, a detox, a cleanse, and soften skin. The natural and organic Lavera bath salts are available in six different fragrances; lavender, coconut, rose, orange, honey and lime. Wrap your skin in the luxurious anti-oxidant rich natural and organic regenerating body moisturiser containing organic cranberry extract and argan oil.

Lavera natural cosmetics, is the leading natural and organic skincare brand offering everything you need from top to toe to care for you and your family's skin. The Lavera brand is free from synthetic aromas and colours, parabens and silicone oils, Lavera only uses 100% natural and organic ingredients in their skincare and cosmetics.

If you have never tried natural and organic skin care products before and wanting to start, lavera natural and organic skincare has everything you need and is the perfect brand for all your skincare needs.


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