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Lavera Natural and Organic Skin Care

Autumn has arrived like a gust of wind. Your facial skin maybe feeling a little dry with the change of season. Now is the time for a small change in your natural and organic facial skin care products.

Instead of using a light moisturising cream choose one with nourishing organic ingredients such as lavera Wild Rose Liposome Cream, Lavera Basis Sensitive Protection Cream and the all-time favourite lavera Basis Sensitive All Round Cream which will give extra protection to your facial skin, protecting the skin from the wind and rain.

You will also need extra care for your lips, as during the colder months your lips will start to crack, choose a nourishing organic lip balm, the customers favourite is the classic basis sensitive lip balm.

Lavera is the leading natural and organic skincare brand offering everything you need to care for you and your family's skin. The Lavera brand is free from synthetic aromas, colours, parabens and silicone oils, Lavera only uses 100% natural and organic ingredients. Lavera is the brand of choice.

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