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SODASAN SOAP - Certified Organic Soap


Welcome To Sodasan

Sodasan is a range of high quality Natural & Organic Soaps which use pure essential oils to produce luxurious Liquid Soap, Cream Soap & Glycerin Soap. All Sodasan Products have been certified organic.

Sodasan Glycerin Soaps
have been specially formulated to moisturise sensitive skin and are available in four tantalizing fragrances - Lemon, Flower, Ocean and Mixed Berries.

Sodasan Liquid Soaps are a nourishing luxurious hand wash which are available in five pleasant scents - Lavender & Olive, Citrus & Olive, Peach & Olive, Rose & Olive and Sensitive.

Sodasan Cream Soaps have been created to moisturise your hands and leave them feeling silky smooth. There are nine unique aromas to choose from - Lemongrass, Wild Rose, Lavender, Cinnamon & Orange, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Almond, Lime and Verbena.

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SODASAN - Certified Organic and Natural Soap
Sodasan - 100% Organic & Natural Soap - Cream SoapsSodasan - 100% Organic & Natural Soap - Organic Liquid Hand Soap

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