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Alma Win Organic Household Cleaner - Anthea Turner : This Month's Tips

Anthea Turner - This Month's Tips

Every month I'll be bringing you some essential tips on how to tackle some of those more challenging domestic problems, and ideas to help you get on top of managing your home.
Look out for my Christmas Countdown, which begins in November, as I'm a great believer in planning ahead and taking the stress out!
This month and every month I'll be giving you solutions for removing stains. Also have a look at my Tools of the Trade for more information on what products are, what they do and where to buy them!
In November I'll be giving you ways to tackle stains when you're out and about - but do check out my Product Review Guide this month as there is a 'handy' pen sized applicator that worked wonders for me only last week when I spilt a large Starbucks cup of coffee onto a pale top!!

... There are some commercially available products that I love too.

Alma Win Organic Cleanut Liquid Detergent Concentrate
Alma Win Organic Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate
Alma Win Organic Oxygen Bleaching Agent Concentrate

alma win laundry products, heavy duty washing powder concentrate 1.08kg organic

I have two children who sadly both suffer from Eczema. I have always used my local supermarkets own branded washing powder, but this seemed to irritate their eczema more, which resulted in them having to use creams prescribed by the doctor.
After trying many different powders, the children's skin showed no improvement, I was at my wits end. A friend of mine told me about an organic washing powder she had heard about that was ideal for people with skin conditions. With nothing to lose I went straight onto Alma Win's website and ordered some of your organic washing powder.
Well one month on and I can see a vast improvement in the children's skin. I have almost stopped using the medicated cream on them and I am confident that within another month all of their eczema will be gone. I am so impressed with Alma Win's washing powder that I have been back on to their web page to look at other organic cleaning products you make. Rest assured I will definitely be ordering some of these too. Thank you Alma Win!!

alma win laundry products, heavy duty washing powder concentrate 1.08kg organic

I was a bit unsure initially that Alma Win Heavy Duty Washing Powder would be able to cope with cleaning my heavy washes like tea towels, oven gloves and bath mats but its brilliant.

From Rosemary in Isle of Wight

alma win laundry products, cleanut liquid detergent 750ml soap nut organic

Alma Win Cleanut Liquid Detergent is the best organic laundry product I have tried so far. I use Alma Win Cleanut Liquid Detergent for my bedding and underwear which are close to my skin and I can see an improvement in my skin condition, I suffer from eczema.

From Dr. Aldrich in Leicestershire

alma win laundry products, oxygen bleaching agent concentrate 500gm organic

My sister said to me one day "Have you heard about thi new range called Alma Win? It's great." So she gave me a spoonful of the Oxygen Bleaching Agent to try.

I couldn't believe it when my husband commented on how white the whites looked!

From Natalie in Edinburgh

alma win household cleaners, glass and window cleaner concentrate spray 500ml organic

I am very impressed with the Glass & Window Cleaner from this new range because it leaves my mirrors streak free. I'm going to try it on my car window screen.

From Rebecca in Peterborough

alma win dishwashing products, dishwashing tablets 25 tabs organic

The Alma Win Dishwasher Tablets are the best organic alternative that I have used, so much better than other organic one's on the market at the moment - I've tried them all!

From Rosemary in Isle of Wight