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Ecological Washing

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Ecological washing - made easy


All about Soap-nuts

The soap-nut is a little marvel of nature. For hundreds of years, people in India have been using soap-nuts for cleaning and washing laundry, soap-nuts are allergy free and are therefore especially suitable for babies, people who suffer with eczema and those with sensitive skin. When soap-nuts are mixed with water, mild suds are formed, similar to soap.

As a specialist for ecologically sophisticated washing and cleaning products the soap-nut has become a hot topic for us for years and we cannot imagine our laboratory without pots of this wonderful natural raw material that actually grows on trees in India.

The ingredient "saponin" contained in the shells does not only have the best cleaning and washing ability, it also conserves the colour of your laundry, making the textile fibres cuddly soft, easy to iron, and keeps your clothes looking their best for longer.

Just using the soap-nut shells for washing textiles, makes washing hard work, that's why Alma Win was the first company to develop a liquid product from the soap-nut shells, which we all know and love as Cleanut Liquid Detergent, making washing clothes easy and convenient, but still maintaining the high washing performance that the soap-nuts give. When using Cleanut Liquid Detergent there is absolutely no need to use a fabric softener, however, this is not all; being pure, natural and 100% biodegradable the soap-nut extract when used as a raw material for washing agents is completely environmentally friendly and is especially gentle on your skin and is an excellent product for washing children's clothes.

The efficiency of Alma Win Cleanut Liquid Detergent is comparable to conventional washing agents.


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