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Causing You to Age Prematurely

Alma Win - Natural Cleanliness : Certified Organic Household Cleaners

Is your washing-up liquid causing you to age prematurely?

Most of us, even those with dishwashers, use a washing-up liquid every day. The majority of dish-washing products - including those which claim to be gentle on hands - contain irritants which can cause the condition of the skin to deteriorate, making hands look old before their time.

The harsh detergents found in washing-up liquids can dry out the skin, aggravate eczema and cause dermatitis to develop. Surprisingly, manufacturers do not have to declare all their product ingredients on the label so it is difficult to know what you are exposing your skin to every day.

"Wrinkly, red and cracked hands look terrible and can put years on you" says Joanne Blaylock, from natural beauty and lifestyle company, Pravera. "Avoid any product which contains sodium laureth sulphate, parfum and synthetic colourants. These are known irritants which can cause the skin to dry out making it itchy and red. If you use washing-up liquid daily, it's a good idea to opt fpr an organic brand, as this will be gentler on skin and on the environment."

The vapours that are released from many popular barnds of washing-up liquid can cause damage to the body which goes way beyond the surface of the skin. Cyclohexanedimenthanamine, which can be especially serious for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or respiratory health issues.

Alma Win offers a safe yet effective alternative to harsh cleaning products. Their organic washing-up liquid is free from potentially harmful ingredients including sodium laureth sulphate, optical brighteners, parabens and petrochemicals. It is also 100% biodegradable, ensuring it has little impact on the environment and wildlife.

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