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Certified Organic Household Cleaners

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Alma Win - Natural Cleanliness : Certified Organic Household Cleaners

Change Your Toilet Cleaner

Alma Win - Natural Cleanliness : Certified Organic Household Cleaners

Change your toilet cleaner and get softer skin!

With creams for our hands, feet and eyes, body lotion, and facial night and day cream, looking after our skin has never been more complicated. And with the ever increasing cost of beauty products, is it time to think about prevention rather than cure by looking at alternative ideas that are not only beneficial to our bodies but also kinder to the environment?

The majority of us don't even think about the skin harming toxic chemicals, including chlorine and phosphates that are in everyday cleaning products such as washing up liquid and toilet and surface cleaners.

Alma Win's range of ECO Garantie certified products are free from chlorine, phosphates, petrochemicals, optical brighteners and perfluorinated chemicals, and are 100% biodegradable. Surprisingly, Alma Win is the ONLY cleaning brand which has been SUCCESSFULLY dermatologically tested, meaning that it is the only cleaning product proven to be kind to skin.

Washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom are chores that we all have to do and we tend to not even think about what damage the contents of the products that we use could have on our skin. But just by switching to organic and eco friendly items will not only help to keep your skin baby soft, but also reduce skin irritations.

Alma Win products are concentrated, meaning that a little goes a long way and using them is more eco-friendly due to the reduced amount of carbon emissions needed to get them from A to B.

The wide range consists of over 15 products including washing up liquid, household cleaner, toilet cleaner and washing powder. Unlike most other 'natural' brands Alma Win declares all its ingredients and ensures full label transparency.

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