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UKs Lakes Under Threat

Alma Win - Natural Cleanliness : Certified Organic Household Cleaners

Uks lake beauty spots under serious threat from environmental impact

Many of Britain's areas of outstanding natural beauty are under threat from the chemicals found in washing products. The damage has become so severe that the campaign "Love your Lakes"
has been set up in the Lake District which aims to educate businesses, residents and visitors on how to do their bit to improve the lakes' water quality. The problem, however, is not exclusive to the Lake District, similar issues have been reported in Scotland and Wales.

The damage is being caused by phosphates, an ingredient in many household cleaning products which can lead to algal blooms in the water. Apart from creating an eyesore, these algal blooms reduce the amount of oxygen in the water leading to potentially tragic consequences for aquatic life. Algal blooms are not only harmful to organisms which make the water their home, they are also toxic to people and pets and if left to build up may lead to the closure of lakes - a devastating scenario for areas which rely on tourism.

Thankfully there are things that everyone can do to help alleviate the problem. Simply reducing the amount of phosphates going into lakes from laundry and washing up liquids can minimise the damage. By making responsible choices as to the products we use at home, we can all do our bit to help protect our country's lakes. Switching to phosphate-free and non toxic cleaning products such as those available from Alma Win is a small change which can make the world of difference to our environment.

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