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Alma Win Organic Household Cleaning Products - NEW Sports + Outdoor functional detergent

Woman's Fitness - Eco Living

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Keep your gym kit looking brand-spanking new with environmentally friendly Alma Win Sport + Outdoor Functional Detergent. It works wonders on hard-to-remove stains, is free from chemical nasties and will leave your clothes smelling meadow-fresh.

Alma Win Certified Organic Cleaning Products - Eco Life - Green Cleaning Pack

Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly

Alma Win - These products are fully biodegradable. The raw materials are natural and certified organic.


From the 15 products in the Alma Win range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we test those that are most likely to be of use in a motorhome.

Bathroom Cleaner Concentrated - The product is guaranteed safe on the plastics that are often used in motorhomes. The normal size is a 500ml spray bottle. In small vans, it may be more convenient to use the mini size 125ml option, in a screw-top bottle.

Toilet Cleaner Concentrate - Applied from a squirt bottle, left in place for a while,brushed if necessary and flushed.

Washing Up Liquid Concentrate - Comes in a 500ml bottle with a sealable top. It really is concentrated: a little goes a long way.

Alma Win Certified Organic Household Cleaning Products - NEW Spots + Outdoor Functional Detergent

Bellwood Lonsdale

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Alma Win Sports + Outdoor - ONLY 9.90

Remove tough stains and smells from fishing clothing with this, the first eco-friendly washing deterget.

Alma Win Certified Organic Household Cleaning Products - NEW Spots + Outdoor Functional Detergent

Positive News - from around the world

New eco-friendly washing detergent for outddor clothing

The first environmentally-friendly washing detergent specifically designed to tackle the hard-to-remove stains and smells on sports and outdoor clothing, has been launched by eco -friendly cleaning product manufacturer, Alma Win...

... The active washing substances used are based on vegetable oils and fats, and the new product from Alma Win is soap free, preventing fabric membranes from becoming blocked and therefore helping to maintain the 'breathability' of the material.


Alma Win Certified Organic Household Cleaning Products - All Purpose Washing Cream

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Alma Win's Organic All Purpose Washing Cream is a versatile cleaning product that tackles everything from the washing up to cleaning your bike or car. It's also an effective laundry liquid and being soap free, is great for those with sensitive skin. It's also biodegradable and suitable for vegans. And as one bottle does it all, it takes up less space. 7.50 (750ml)

Alma Win Certified Organic Household Cleaning Products - Win an organic cleaning pack

Discover Wild Life Magazine - Win an organic household cleaning pack

We have five organic household cleaning packs to give away, courtesy of Alma Win, of the major in eco friendly cleaning products.

Alma Win products are made using only the best qulaity ingredients with concentrated formulas, meaning little goes a long way.

The cleaning range is the only one to have been successfully dermatologically tested, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or who are concerned about the toxic substances found in most other everyday cleaning products. All products in the range are 100% biodegradable and are suitable for vegans.

Alma Win Certified Organic Household Cleaning Products - All Purpose Washing Cream

Oldham Evening Chronicle - Lovin'it

PREGNANCY can be a wonderful time, as any expectant mum knows. But the nine months preceding the birth can play havoc with a woman's skin and mood. And things don't get easier when your little bundle of joy makes a grand entrance. So here's our pick of the top products to help you take the rough with the smooth.

...And when the baby arrives, keep their clothes and surroundings clean with Alma Win Organic All Purpose Cleaner. It does the washing up, laundry and even work surfaces and floors! A 750ml bottle is 7.50.

Alma Win Organic Household Cleaners - Press Coverage - All Purpose Washing Cream

Your Home - Make life easy

'What to look out for this month'

How nice would it be to have one product that could take on all household chores? Now you can with Alma Win's Organic All Purpose Washing Cream. The soap-free, dermatologically tested cream is free from nasties, suitable for vegans and can be used for your laundry, washing up, cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and carpets, as well as cleaning the car.

Alma Win Organic Household Cleaners - Press Coverage - Organic Orange Oil

Natural Health & Beauty

Family Matters - The UK's top holistic lifestyle expert and mum-of-four on the importance of sleep.

Janey loves . . .

Alma Win Organic Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate 500ml - 9.90

Janey Lee Grace is a speaker, workshop leader and the author of Look Great Naturally.

Alma Win Organic Household Cleaners - Press Coverage - All Purpose Washing Cream

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Alma Win's organic all-purpose washing cream

Motorhome, dishes, car, laundry - this cleaning solution means you only need to carry one bottle. It can be used as a general household cleaner, carpet cleaner, vehicle cleaner, laundry liquid and even washing up liquid. It's organic and kind to skin, but with powerful dirt and grease removing skills. It's great for travelling and camping - one bottle does it all.