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Nature's "secret of eternity"... for long lasting beauty

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Aloree Skincare for City Life

Alorée is a contemporary, innovative and natural skin care range to suit all skin types. Using only pure, natural and organic ingredients combined with Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex (C.H.C) taken from young barley shoots creating a unique, highly effective natural formula which works wonders on the skin. Each skin care product is rich in C.H.C which provides an anti-ageing, cell renewing and protects against free radicals whilst still providing the skin with essential moisture and hydration for a radiant glowing complexion.

The gentle, natural and organic formula of the Alorée skincare range is highly effective in cleansing, moisturising and taking care of your skin, effectively removing build up from environmental damage and pollutants making this organic skincare range ideal for city residents and lovers.

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aloree - long lasting beauty - natural skin care
aloree - long lasting beauty - detoc face scrb kitaloree - long lasting beauty - two phase hydrating face mist

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