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benecos natural beauty - Organic & Natural Make Up and Skin Care

Customer Comments

Read customer comments to find out their favorite benecos products and why!

benecos natural beauty - Beauty Bible Winner Natural Nail Polish Oh lala

Beauty Bible Awards 2017 - Nail Polish Oh La La

Benecos are ecstatic after receiving both the Beauty Bible Gold Award and the Beauty Steal Award for Benecos Nail Polish - Oh La La! One of the testers comments were "It was very easy to apply. I really liked the brush, which seemed a perfect size for my nails; I could paint each nail evenly without mess. With one layer it looked as if it wasn't giving good coverage, but once dried it looked great. You could easily manage with one coat, if that's all you had time for. Took three minutes to touch dry. It was definately vibrant colour, as it promised, and as long- lasting as other polishes I have used".

benecos natural beauty - natural lip gloss

The Pamper Queen - benecos natural lip gloss


Smackingly sumptuous new lip gloss colours from benecos for luscious lips!

Natural beauty brand benecos has launched two fabulous new lip gloss shades for 2014, adding to their natural and organic collection of cosmetics, perfect for Valentine's kisses.

Natural lipp gloss - flamingo

Natural lip gloss - praline

benecos organic & natural make up and skin care - natural liquid eyeliner black

benecos natural liquid eyeliner - black

It's the first eyeliner I've don't have much to compare to.
Prior to that I used only kohal pencils which used to smudge quite easily.
This product holds for most of the day and feels good, doesn't give irritation at all (I have very sensitive skin)
It does wear towards the end of the day but I take it as a good thing- It can be easily removed unlike other commercial products which makes you wonder what did they put in it to hold it so well...

From Noa