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Mascaras from benecos to transform any look

benecos natural beauty - natural make up and skin care - Mascara Press Release

Max Volume, Long Lash or Multi-Effect?
Mascaras from Benecos to transform any look

Mascara has long been a staple make-up item and natural beauty brand Benecos has a range of mascaras to suit every look, whether as a go-to basic when running short of time, or to complete a glamorous look in a flutter. It's not how much a mascara costs, it's what you do with it which creates perfect va-va-voom lashes.
Here are Benecos' top tips to help give your peepers perfect definition or a voluminous look, without resorting to fiddly false lashes!

Look 1 - For Maximum Volume:

Apply Benecos Maximum Volume Mascara in Deep Black (£6.95) from the roots of your lashes and brush upwards slowly to make eyelashes dark and defined. Concentrate on getting the mascara brush right into the roots of your eyelashes, rather than on the tips, to make lashes appear more plumped and volumised. For a super-dramatic look like Megan Fox (pictured left), firstly use eyelash curlers and then apply two to three coats of mascara and team with black eyeliner.

Top tip: Always allow each coat of mascara to dry before applying the next one. This will help to prevent clumping eyelashes together.

Look 2 - For Long, Fluttery Lashes:

Using a lighter formula with a spaced out brush, such as the Benecos Super Long Lashes in Carbon Black (£6.95) helps to give eyelashes a long and fluttering style. Apply sparingly to lower lashes for a feathery look, as Selena Gomez wears, pictured right.

Top tip: Apply a little face powder before and after completing eye make-up to ensure smudges and eye make-up dust are easily removed, for a bright-eyed appearance.

Look 3 - For a Voluminous and Long-Lash Effect:

Achieve definition, perfectly separated and volumised lashes by applying the mascara wand in a zig-zag motion to help separate lashes and prevent any clumps from forming, à la Dakota Fanning's look (pictured right). The Benecos Multi-effect Mascara in Just Black (£6.95) will lengthen and define lashes for a bold and emphasised look.

Top tip: Gently warm up eyelash curlers with a hairdryer and then press down on lashes for 10 seconds - remembering to test the heat before going near the eyes - then immediately apply your first coat of mascara. Never use curlers after applying mascara as this may result in bent or snapped lashes.

All Benecos mascaras contain organic jojoba and sunflower oils, nourishing vitamin E and don't clump or flake. They are free from synthetic dyes, fragrances and chemicals.

Benecos' high quality make-up range offers chic, trendy and inexpensive, certified natural make-up to suit everyone. Benecos is against animal testing.


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