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100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care

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Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care and Beauty Cotton wool, pads, buds and balls

Cotton on to organic cotton wool

Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Wool, Pad and Buds.

Cotton on to organic cotton wool

With super-soft pads, buds and balls from Organyc
Women in the UK spend on average 180,000 on cosmetics, creams and lotions in a lifetime*. However, many women are unaware that the cotton wool products used to apply these cosmetics may contain pesticides and other potentially harmful, synthetic ingredients.
Cotton wool is one of the most common products on the health and beauty aisles, with uses including removing make-up, applying toner or for cleaning babies' bottoms. But, the harsh chemicals and pesticides often used in growing and for bleaching the cotton wool can occasionally cause skin irritations or allergies, especially for people with sensitive and allergy prone skin.
Organic cotton brand Organyc
has a comprehensive range of 100% Organic Cotton Pads, Balls and Buds - perfect for a variety of cosmetic uses, grown without the use of pesticides and free from chlorine and harsh chemicals, giving people an excellent organic choice in cotton wool.

For the gentlest of make-up removal, use your favourite remover with Organyc Organic Cotton Wool Pads (2.39 for 70 pads) which are double-sided and embossed for the ultimate soft touch. Always use a gentle sweeping motion and never drag on the skin.
The Organyc Cotton Wool Balls (2.39 for 100 balls) are luxuriously soft and perfect to apply toner with. Generously soak the well-sized Organic Cotton Ball with toner and apply over the face and neck area for a refreshing early morning treat.

To neaten up under-eye make-up smudges, moisten an Organyc Cotton Wool Bud (2.49 for 200) with eye make-up remover and gently sweep away any excess powder, eyeliner or mascara. The Organic Cotton Buds can also be used to tidy excess nail polish smudges and apply sparkling gems onto nails, jazzing them up easily!

Ingrid Hume of Pravera says "On average we use cotton wool at least twice a day to remove make-up or apply cleanser. We spend time carefully choosing our skincare, so why not take the same care when choosing how we apply and remove it. Organyc's range of 100% organic cotton wool products is super-soft to touch and gentle on delicate, allergy prone and sensitive skin. Choosing something organic can really benefit how we care for our skin."
The Organyc range is certified organic by ECOCERT, and the packaging used is fully biodegradable and compostable.


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