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100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care

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Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care and Beauty Cotton wool, pads, buds and balls

Ruined romantic rendezvous?

Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care

Ruined romantic rendezvous?

Avoid intimate irritation with Organyc sanitary protection

Many women suffer from intimate irritation and are unaware that their sanitary protection is a potential cause of both vaginal irritation and allergy - until it's too late. Embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms may include itching, swelling, burning and an unpleasant discharge.

Many popular brands of tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners on sale can contain synthetic substances and may have been exposed to bleach during the production process, which can interfere with the natural delicate balance of the vaginal area.

Organyc offer a natural cotton alternative giving superior comfort and all the protection of the well-known brands. Organyc's range is made from 100% organic cotton which, as well as being highly absorbent, has not been treated with pesticides, nor exposed to chlorine bleach during production.

The range of tampons, menstrual pads and panty linerscomes in a choice of absorbencies and is hypo-allergenic, so even those with sensitive skin can be confident of irritant-free protection. The range also includes organic cotton wet wipes with soothing extracts of chamomile and calendula for instant freshness, as well as an intimate wash liquid which soothes irritated or sensitive skin.

Sharon Little from Organyc says:

"It's horrifying to think that products which are essentially an aid to feminine hygiene can seriously compromise women's health in this intimate area. Changing to organic sanitary products can protect women from very unpleasant and potentially embarrassing symptoms. This small change can make so much difference, not only to your wellbeing but also to your sexual health".

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