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Sleep Therapy

Beauty Sleep

We all need our beauty sleep, our 8 hours every night, the better we sleep, the better we look and the better we feel. I do hate those nights when I just cannot get to sleep, I lie awake for ages tossing and turning, wondering why I cannot sleep, or I fall asleep and then wake and can't get back to sleep. After about an hour of tossing and turning I have had enough and have to turn to my good old faithful product that I keep by my bedside - Primavera Sleep Therapy Balm, I don't know why I wait this long but I do, anyhow after applying theSleep Therapy Balm to my temples and wrists, I don't remember much else, but wake the next morning feeling refreshed and raring to go, thinking my good old sleep therapy balm did the trick once again. If you suffer from lack of beauty sleep and am not to keen on the idea of the sleep therapy balm, there are other products to choose from: Primavera Sleep Therapy Aroma Roll On, this is easy to use, again - just apply to your temples, if you want to fragrance your room before having your beauty sleep, then the Sleep Therapy Blend will do just the trick, put a few drops of the blend in a diffuser (but make sure you have turned off the diffuser before you fall into a deep sleep). The Sleep Therapy Pillow mist is another one of my favourites, spray onto your pillow or use as an airspray, this is so easy to use during the night. The main ingredient in the Primavera Sleep Therapy range is relaxing Lavender. So by getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep you will feel better, look better and ready to attack the day ahead.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 19 October 2012 at 13:12 / Comment

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