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Lavera New Basis Sensitiv - Tried and Loved

NEW Lavera Basis Sensitive Products - Tried and Loved

A few weeks ago I took some of our NEW Basis Sensitive Foot Cream and All Over Moisturising Cream home to try. Already being a massive fan of the Hand Cream from this range I was looking forward to treating my feet to some extra TLC.

I have used another well known brand of foot cream, which didn't have a particulrly nice smell and took ages to absorb into my skin. When I 'lotion' myself up either in the morning or at night I want to be able to get on with what ever else I need to do without having to hang around waiting to feel comfortable enough to get dressed or get into bed.

This foot cream says on the tube it absorbs quickly and it really does. I didn't need to use very much to be able to give myself a mini foot massage. After a few days my feet felt softer after exfoliating and massaging the cream into the newly exposed skin. Luckily I don't suffer with smelly feet but I'm sure the added ingredients to prevent this work.

All Over Moisturising Cream comes in a cute flat tin for use on the body and face. WHAT A TREAT.

Again absorbed quickly into the skin but not too quick so I couldn't spread it around. Each time I used it I found myself trying to think of something else it reminded me of - it is like double cream in a tin and smells really nice too. This would be great to take away with you on holiday or for the weekend as it is for the face as well as body, which is much more convenient than taking two lots of moisturising cream.

These two products are a fantastic addition to the Lavera Basis Sensitive range, very affordable and suitable for all the family.

Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 05 November 2010 at 14:38 / Comment

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