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Bringing you information & updates on organic lifestyles, great beauty and skincare products from Lavera, benecos and Primavera, Organic houselold cleaners from Alma Win and natural toothbrushes from Monte-Bianco.

Primavera Argan Seed Oil

Argan Seed Oil

Argan Seed Oil   Argan oil (a seed oil) is big beauty news at the moment with many magazine articles proclaiming its enhanced effects on the skin. As I'm not getting any younger and my skin can be quite dull first thing in the morning I thought I would try organic Argan oil as it's rumoured to have a rejuvenating effect as well as smoothing, calming and firming more mature skin. I'm only interested in using the very best organic products more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 20 November 2012 at 15:20 / Comment

Lavera Organic & Natural Basis Sensitive Q10 Hand Cream

Lavera Basis Sensitive Q10 Organic Hand Cream

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Q10 organic hand cream My hands are very sensitive to the cold, so the autumn and winter months can be debilitating. I always used conventional hand creams on my sensitive hands, but they seemed to make my sore and chapped skin worse. The first thing to remember if you have dry and sensitive skin is to look at the ingredients in the products you use. For example parabens, and harsh chemical fragrances often lead to irritated skin, and do not help with any existing problems. more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 November 2012 at 11:52 / Comment

Organyc Duo Pack with 1 FREE 100% Organic Cotton Pouch

100% Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

I've used organic sanitary towels for years now. The Organyc range of organic sanitary towels , panty liner s and tampons has proved to be the best - unbleached cotton , super absorbent and of course 100% organic . I can absolutely trust that whatever Organyc product I use during my period will not leak and will leave me feeling fresh throughout the day. The problem I have with towels, tampons and liners is what more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 November 2012 at 11:43 / Comment