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Organyc Duo Pack with 1 FREE 100% Organic Cotton Pouch

100% Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

I've used organic sanitary towels for years now. The Organyc range of organic sanitary towels, panty liners and tampons has proved to be the best - unbleached cotton, super absorbent and of course 100% organic. I can absolutely trust that whatever Organyc product I use during my period will not leak and will leave me feeling fresh throughout the day.

The problem I have with towels, tampons and liners is what to do with them on a night out!

Bulky boxes are absolutely no good in a desirable little clutch bag. Putting individual tampons in your bag is a no no. They tend to pop out unexpectedly or drop on the floor when I take my purse out. Embarrassment all round when I buy a round! Same goes for putting them in your pocket - especially when it rains.......

Organyc have come up with a handy solution - if you buy a combination pack of folded panty liners and daypads between 1st and 30th November 2012 you'll get a dinky little 100% organic cotton pouch absolutely free.

Clubbing, partying, going for a few drinks in your local - no problem. Just pop a couple of pads in your new environmentally friendly pouch and you're set to go!

Enjoy your night out.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 November 2012 at 11:43 / Comment

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