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Lavera Organic & Natural Basis Sensitive Q10 Hand Cream

Lavera Basis Sensitive Q10 Organic Hand Cream

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Q10 organic hand cream

My hands are very sensitive to the cold, so the autumn and winter months can be debilitating. I always used conventional hand creams on my sensitive hands, but they seemed to make my sore and chapped skin worse.

The first thing to remember if you have dry and sensitive skin is to look at the ingredients in the products you use. For example parabens, and harsh chemical fragrances often lead to irritated skin, and do not help with any existing problems.

I know that using the correct moisturiser is vital, whether onface, body or hands, so I did some research and discovered that the hand creams I had been trying were packed full of petroleum jelly and man-made scents and preservatives! The Petroleum jelly had been acting as a barrier, not letting my sore skin breathe naturally and I'm sure the chemical scents were making my hands itchy too.

I use Organic moisturiser on my face and body, so a little lightbulb came - clarity! - Why don't I try a good organic cream on my sensitive hands? I tried Lavera Basis Sensitiv Q10 organic hand cream for the first time at the end of September. The organic almond oil felt nourishing and the organic jojoba oil soothed my skin, leaving it feel silky. The scent was light and summery, a pleasant distraction from the wind and rain. Best of all, one of the main ingredients in Lavera Basis Sensitiv Q10 organic hand cream (the clue is in the title!) is coenzyme Q10, the miracle anti ageing ingredient which helps to slow down the ageing process. My hands are moisturised and hopefully will look younger for longer - result!

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 November 2012 at 11:52 / Comment

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