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Primavera Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy

Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy

Organic Cold Care

We've all got the sniffles in our household, of course some people are suffering more than others! The rest of us just have to carry on as normal. A few months ago I probably would have reached for painkillers, or paid a visit to the chemist to procure a box of 'cold relief sachets, ' but I started to worry about the effects they were having on me and my family. The last thing you want to when your child is ill is to fill them up with chemicals, masking any symptoms they may have.

I decided to use organic cold care therapies to see how effective they were.
So far, we have tried a few of the Primavera Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy items and we have all been delighted with the results.

The handiest product in the range is Primavera Organyc Eucalyptus Cold Therapy Roll On, a handbag sized aromatherapy remedy - just roll on your neck, temples or under your nose whenever you need relief from your symptoms. Night times of course are the worst, it's so difficult to get to sleep because of sniffling, coughing or sneezing, the solution? Primavera Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy Balm rubbed on the chest, calmed and soothed naturally, Primavera Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy Pillow Mist, delivered just the right amount of eucalyptus to ensure that we got a good night's sleep.

My favourite, however is Primavera Organic Eucalyptus Cold Therapy Bath Oil - Imagine stepping into a hot bath, sniffling, miserable, your limbs aching and then, after a long soak feeling soothed and relaxed. The Organic Eucalyptus essential oil contains antibacterial qualities to effectively relieve respiratory problems associated with cold symptoms. The Organic Thyme essential oil purifies the air with a warm invigorating scent and the Organic Lavender essential oil, comforts and relaxes. A simple bath becomes a soothing therapy.

I feel secure in the knowledge that Primavera never use synthetic ingredients, parabens or genetically modified plants.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 17 December 2012 at 16:30 / Comment

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