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Teeth Cleaning Tips!

Getting children to clean their teeth is easier said than done. Parents are bombarded with advice about what to do when it comes to children's dental hygiene, but where's that flippin' tooth fairy when you need her? Good dental hygiene must be started as early as possible to encourage good teeth-cleaning practice, and minimise the risk of tooth decay and rotting gnashers. Here are some teeth-cleaning tips to help get you started.
You can't reason with a young child that the reason they must clean their teeth is to prevent plaque and acid erosion, so if you hope to stand a chance of winning the teeth-cleaning battle, you need to find a kid-friendly method.
Try cleaning your teeth at the same time as your child. Children love to imitate grown-ups so if you're cleaning your teeth the likelihood is they will want to as well. Also, use a toothpaste especially designed for kids - it will taste naturally sweeter and makes teeth cleaning a more pleasant experience. Young children will often swallow toothpaste so choose a fluoride-free natural and organic option too.
Use a brightly coloured toothbrush. Kids are attracted more to vibrant colours and will relish the prospect of cleaning their teeth if their toothbrush is bold and bright. Monte Bianco do a great range.
If your child wants to brush your teeth, let them. This will give you an ideal opportunity to brush their teeth - brushing each other's teeth can be great fun which associates laughter and fun with teeth cleaning.
Let them know they're being kind to the planet too. Monte Bianco toothbrushes are environmentally-friendly, they come with detachable heads which means that less plastic ends up in landfill. Children will love to learn how their actions are helping to save the earth, and you'll be helping create a whole new generation of eco-warrior's too.
Cleaning your teeth can be fun, and if you are concerned about harsh chemicals, plastics and other nasties in and around the home and other areas of your life, there is no need to forgo these concerns when brushing you and your family's teeth. If you choose a recyclable, environmentally friendly brand like Monte Bianco, your conscience will continue to be clear, and as a bonus, you'll have lovely clean teeth and fresh breath too!



Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 01 February 2012 at 15:56 / Comment

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