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Organyc 100% organic cotton feminine care

What Are Your Sanitary Products Made From?

Feminine hygiene -not the usual office chit chat, but talks has been all tampons, sanitary towels, panty liners and intimate wipes here lately! We've been trying out a new brand made from 100% cotton that is totally natural and organic.
Organ(y)c tampons and sanitary towels are made from 100% pure and natural cotton. Apparently that's quite unique. Lots of brands do contain some cotton, but scarily they're usually packed with lots of other materials too - from chlorine and wood pulp to chemical SAP's (Super Absorbent Powders often derived from crude oil).
Try cutting in half your usual sanitary towel (maybe the one with the wings that promises you a 'happy' period!!) next to an Organ(y)c one. Have a look inside. The conventional one contains a type of foam, with wood pulp (paper) and SAP's (the blue bit, a chemical substance that helps absorb liquid and turn it into gel). All this is has a strong plastic backing that a jet of water from a pressure hose would struggle to get through. Hmmm, now think about this - all those man-made materials not only protect you from embarrassing leakages, they also increase humidity 'down there' which can lead to an increase in the growth of bacteria, often followed by nasty irritations, and you could even develop allergies in your nether regions too. Nice!
Compare that to some lovely fluffy cotton wool (naturally highly absorbent), with a back sheet made from biodegradable plastic, in a wrapping made from corn starch, that's totally chlorine free. This is an effective, natural sanitary towel that is certified organic by the Soil Association. Made from breathable, natural materials, it lets the air get to your bits - so the bonus is there's less chance of developing itchy embarrassing irritations in your lady-garden! 100% cotton sanitary towels vs man-made plastic ones - I know which I'd rather have down my pants!
Enough organic talk - do they actually work as well as our old favourites? I've been using the sanitary towels, and I'm very impressed! The pads are SO comfortable and soft, you can really FEEL the difference. The natural highly absorbing cotton provides very good protection. You do have to change them more often than a SAP-packed conventional pad, but is that really such a bad thing? Let's face it, changing your pad frequently (rather than using one guaranteed to last 8 hours) is far more hygienic practice!

Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 01 February 2012 at 16:01 / Comment

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