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Florascent Natural Organic Perfume

Gorgeous Natural Perfume

Florascent is a beautiful range of natural and organic perfume and home fragrances that do not contain any synthetics or chemical nasties, only the purist naturally-occurring substances from the finest fragranced ingredients nature offers. Not only do they smell great, but the hand-made packaging is impressive too, reinforcing the quality of the perfume and the integrity of the founder's belief in the art of perfumery.
A couple of months ago I met Florascent founder, Roland Tentunian, to hear the story behind the natural and organic perfume brand. His artistic sensitivity, craftsmanship and technical skills bring a new lease of life to the traditional art of 17th century perfumery (the era that Süskind's novel, and the subsequent film 'Perfume' was set).
Creating a scent can take him anything from ½ day to 2 years. Roland sees perfumery as a holistic art, you don't only smell, you see as well, and it is the senses all working together that give the overall impact and effect of the scent. The packaging features an angel which was inspired by the portrait The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the angel is throwing petals, which portrays a fragrant picture; and Roland believes this works perfectly to illustrate the art of perfumery, you can really see this influence in all of Florascent's literature and imagery.
Even the perfume bottles used by Florascent are inspired by those first seen as far back as 1760.
You would imagine the process of producing Florascent perfumes - sourcing ingredients, inventing and developing the combination of scents to produce the fragrances, bottling it, design and production, high quality packaging, then distributing it world-wide would be a big operation, but no. Just 10-12 people work in the factory in Germany, and Roland not only invents all the scents, he does all the screen printing on the literature and packaging too. Florascent products are now available in over 600 shops throughout the world, including the UK.
I'm told the best-sellers are Pivoine, Rose and The Vert (a personal favourite, it is quite uplifting and light - always a winner in my book). There are 28 perfumes to choose from, and 5 room fragrances. If you choose only to use natural and organic skincare, cosmetics and household cleaning brands, you don't have to stop there. It is nice to discover a beautiful perfume range that uses only the finest natural ingredients


Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 01 February 2012 at 16:03 / Comment

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