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Primavera argan face oil

Argan Oil the product that does everything

I've always been quite sceptical about putting oil on my face - when you're used to creams, an oil seems abit too adventurous. But after the cold winter, my skin felt like it needed that extra dose of moisture, as dry, red skin wasn't a good look for the new year! So, after reading many many articles on the benefits of argan oil I thought it was time to be a daredevil and buy an oil for my face.
So, before I start, my vision of putting an oil on your face meant that you would end up with a face like a shiny latex glove, but this is certianly not the case here. When doing my night time skin routine, I gently warmed a very small amount of oil in my hands then applied it to my face in circular motions, concentrating on any dry patches - I looked in the mirror and I was glad to see that there was no shiny face looking back at me. Instead, the oil literally took seconds to absorb into my skin and there was no greasy residue, my skin seemed to drink the whole lot - it loved it.
Waking up the next morning, I checked my skin, and I can honestly say that the difference in one day was astonishing! My dry patches had disappeared and my skin looked fresh - I was amazed - so I thought let's put this oil to the test!
As you may know, Argan Oil is said to be a fantastic oil for dry hair that needs extra nourishment, so I gave it a go. On dry hair I applied a generous amount of oil, concentrating on the ends then smoothing it over, left overnight, then washed out the next day. Again,the results were amazing. My straggly ends were alot smoother and my hair had a lovely shine.
Argan Oil really is a fabulous all-round beauty product. The purity of PRIMAVERA's Argan Oil is exceptional - and if you're interested in the ingredients then you're in for a treat - as the only ingredient is pure organic Argan Oil, no parabens, no bulking agents, no water, just pure oil. It's the beauty superhero of today.

Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 01 February 2012 at 16:04 / Comment

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