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Organyc - Organic Cotton Breast Pads

National Breast Feeding Awareness Week 10th - 17th February 2014

Organyc Breast Pads for successful Breastfeeding


National Breast Feeding Awareness Week launched on Monday 10th February* with the slogan "Breastfeeding - every day makes a difference to your baby" with the aim of highlighting the various means of support that can help a mother to successfully continue to breastfeed their baby for longer.

With the help of Organyc and their range of 100% organic cotton maternity products which has one of the best Breast Pads to help new mums continue to breastfeed their baby for longer.
Organyc's Organic Breast Pads
are incredibly soft and comfortable with maximum absorbency providing the best possible conditions for successful and ongoing breastfeeding and to give all nursing mums the opportunity to use an alternative Breast Pad against their delicate skins. Organyc  Breast Pads are made using only 100% Organic cotton wool which is hypoallergenic, breathable and contains no synthetic materials like rayon, viscose or SAP's (which are often used in conventional products) and the generous sized pad fits securely into the bra cup, helping to avoid leakage and minimise breast soreness.
Organyc use only 100% Organic cotton wool with no rayon, synthetic ingredients, perfumes, fragrances or SLS's in all product ranges of Sanitary Wear, Baby Wear and Maternity Wear to reduce the risk of irritation, skin sensitivity and redness forming.

The full range can be bought direct from Organyc with free UK delivery at

written by Ingrid Hume

* Information obtained from Unicef website -

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 11 February 2014 at 16:50 / Comment

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