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Applying your favourite

Applying your favourite Benecos Natural Lip Gloss

We recently ran a questionnaire asking the nation their favourite make-up product they could not live without and the results came back with, yes you have guessed it, Lip Gloss! So we are giving you the ultimate guide on applying your favourite Benecos Natural Lip Gloss for the perfect pout in 4 easy to follow steps:

  • First things first, to achieve the ultimate kissable perfect pout exfoliate your lips twice a week by rubbing a damp cloth over your lips or apply Benecos Lip Balm generously and brush the lips lightly using your toothbrush to remove any flaky dead skin.
  • Add colour to your lips with Benecos Natural Lip Liner, choose the shade that is closest to match your natural lips and outline your mouth just inside the natural lip line, then fill in the lips with the Lip Liner.
  • Apply Benecos Lip Balm over your lips to seal the lip liner. This creates the perfect base for long lasting Lip Gloss.
  • Now apply your favourite Benecos Natural Lip Gloss, starting from the middle of your lips to the outer corners, just short from the edge to prevent bleeding.

You now have the perfect long lasting sleek and shiny pout!
Follow these simple steps to applying your favourite Benecos Natural Lip Gloss, which are available in six sumptuous shades to create a sleek and shiny emphasised pout. Natural Benecos Lip Gloss is available direct from Benecos with free UK delivery at

written by Ingrid Hume

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 11 February 2014 at 16:51 / Comment

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