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Zumba in to Spring!

Zumba into Spring!

With Spring supposedly just around the corner and that it is International Fitness Week why not go along to the next Zumba class that is going on no more than a few paces away from you!

I have been going to Zumba, which is a combination of Latin dance and aerobics, for about 8 weeks now. Although the 'Latin' part of the description of Zumba may sound a bit scary I urge any one to go along and give it a's great fun and you know what it really doesn't matter if you can't shimmy or move you hips like the teacher, it's all about having a laugh and getting a bit fitter and firmer.

I live in quite a rural area and have been amazed at how many people have turned up each week of all ages and sizes. With coming up to over 2 months of going I am getting the hang of getting my hips to move with out the rest of my body going along with them and starting to anticipate what is coming up next in the different routine's, which is a great feeling...then of course the teacher will change them all! I think it's time for me to step it up a bit more now with my salsa and meringue moves and maybe start to go twice a week to guarantee that 'bikini body' I know is in me somewhere.
I'm going to treat myself to some relaxing Primavera Organic Lavender & Vanilla Bath Oil though to put in the bath to bring me back to life afterwards.

I haven't really lost much weight, to be honest I haven't really been concentration on my 'healthy diet' too much because with it still being a bit wintery I still want all that comfort, warming food. Now the evenings are getting lighter it won't be long before the weather is milder so I can wear less layers and want to eat more salad and fresh fruit instead of mashed potato and apple crumble. So bring it on Zumba mania!

Check out to find out where you nearest Zumba class.

Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 16 March 2011 at 15:56 / Comment

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