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Bringing you information & updates on organic lifestyles, great beauty and skincare products from Lavera, benecos and Primavera, Organic houselold cleaners from Alma Win and natural toothbrushes from Monte-Bianco.

terre d'Oc organic natural skin care - Beauty secreta

Itís a Beautiful World with terre d'Oc Beauty Secrets

Last month, Rosie blogged about her love of terre d'Oc make-up , how she's found the best natural khol, mineral foundation, lipstick and mascara to fill her make-up bag with the ethical brand terre d'Oc . So, this month I'm concentrating on the new skincare ranges terre d'Oc is launching throughout 2012. There are 5 different body and skincare ranges in total, each one inspired by stories from countries throughout the world: Bali, India, Burkino Faso, Morocco and Japan. To keep more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 17:17 / Comment

monte-bianco - Toothbrushes - Power of people

People Power - toothbrushes

OK, we all know we need to do more to reduce the effect our wonderful race of humankind is having on the environment. We should walk more, or use public transport; use environmentally-friendly, chemical-free cosmetics, skincare, washing powder and even household cleaning products. But what about the little things? In our homes, most of us endeavour to find ways to minimise the impact our everyday actions make on the environment. We recycle and compost household waste, turn the lights off, turn down the heating, and stop leaving the TV on standby. Making small changes to everyday activities can more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 17:05 / Comment

Florascent - Natural & Organic Room Fragrances

Create a natural ambience in your home this spring with Florascent Room Fragrances

It's getting to that time of year - the Spring Clean. Maybe it's just me but I quite look forward to getting out the cleaning utensils, and getting the house ready for a beautiful summer - fingers crossed! Once all my cleaning is over I need a room fragrance to finalise my cleaning accomplishment - but can't stand the synthetic plug-ins. They are expensive, not long-lasting plus most of them just stink. A favourite diffuser of mine is a good reed diffuser , they last absolutely ages and they always let out just more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 16:59 / Comment

Lavera Natural & Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care

OK magazineís Emma G talks lavera skin in the Spring

Spring is one of the most exciting times in beauty. It's perfect to introduce new textures, fragrance and ingredients. One aspect of your skincare regime that's important to get right is cleansing, remember: clean skin is happy skin. If you have normal to dry skin then a cleansing milk , is just the thing. The soothing creamy texture not only cuts through heavy make-up to get your skin really clean and let it breathe, but also comforts. Toning is an all-important but often forgotten part more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 14:04 / Comment

Primavera - Positivity

Primavera Positivity

On a recent trip to Germany, to meet with the founders and world-wide partners of premium skincare brand, Primavera , I was reminded of the message behind the brand - from concept to production to packaging to promotion. I admit, I've been distracted by the integrity and pure quality of the fabulously effective 100% natural skincare , and gorgeous aroma's of Primavera, and had temporarily over-looked where it all began. During the expo meeting, the lovely Melanie from Marketing gave a presentation about a new room fragrance / air spray that is coming soon. more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 13:43 / Comment

Organic - Feminine Care Intimate Gentle Wipes

Itís a Wet Wipes Revolution!

Dawn Porter is on the telly a lot at the moment. In the Andrex Washlets ads, she travels across the UK on a mission to "change what you mean by clean", and is featured talking to numerous men and women from all over the country, about their ..ahem ... bottom wiping habits *cringe*. There are a lot of discussions about dry-wiping vs. wet-wipes , and people's reactions to trying out the wet-wipe version after they have been to the loo. Well, Organyc have a 100% organic cotton version of intimate wet wipes more

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 13:35 / Comment