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Organic - Feminine Care Intimate Gentle Wipes

Itís a Wet Wipes Revolution!

Dawn Porter is on the telly a lot at the moment. In the Andrex Washlets ads, she travels across the UK on a mission to "change what you mean by clean", and is featured talking to numerous men and women from all over the country, about their ..ahem ... bottom wiping habits *cringe*. There are a lot of discussions about dry-wiping vs. wet-wipes, and people's reactions to trying out the wet-wipe version after they have been to the loo. Well, Organyc have a 100% organic cotton version of intimate wet wipes, and (because here at Organyc HQ we simply have to keep up with all the latest trends) we have been trying them out.
The first thing to mention is that they smell lovely, that'll be the organic extracts of chamomile and calendula. The next is that the Andrex ad is right, using a wet wipe after you have been to the loo does leave you feeling incredibly clean and refreshed (and yes, it does take a little getting used to).
Another point worth mentioning is that although the Organyc Wet Wipes are often referred to as intimate wet wipes (probably because Organyc is primarily known as a natural and organic range of 100% cotton feminine hygiene products), they are truly multi-functional. Us girls have used them to remove eye make-up, clean make-up brushes, and they also make light work of cleaning your computer keyboard!
Worth a mention though is that because these wet wipes are 100% cotton (which is great for the skin), they are NOT flushable. Marta Camusa (Export Area Manager for Organyc) explained to me that the flushable wipes you can find in the market are usually not made of cotton - they can be made from some biodegradable material / paper that can dissolve into the water.
Like other products in the Organyc range, the Wet Wipes are certified organic and fairtrade, dermatologically tested, alcohol free, and contain NO chlorine, NO parabens and NO SLS. Made from 100% organic cotton, Organyc Intimate Wet Wipes are also fully biodegradable, and very suited to people who have sensitive skin as all of the range is hypoallergenic.
Well, that's the organic sanitary pads, and 100% cotton intimate wet wipes reviewed. Guess it'll be time for the Intimate Wash next month *already going red right now!!*

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 13:35 / Comment

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