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Primavera - Positivity

Primavera Positivity

On a recent trip to Germany, to meet with the founders and world-wide partners of premium skincare brand, Primavera, I was reminded of the message behind the brand - from concept to production to packaging to promotion. I admit, I've been distracted by the integrity and pure quality of the fabulously effective 100% natural skincare, and gorgeous aroma's of Primavera, and had temporarily over-looked where it all began.
During the expo meeting, the lovely Melanie from Marketing gave a presentation about a new room fragrance / air spray that is coming soon. We all closed our eyes, and had to imagine we were sitting in a beautiful garden in Sicily, can you smell the grapefruit and uplifting orange aroma's? (Bear with me, I know its sounding cheesy). Obviously, Melanie then sprayed the new blend around the room, and music started playing (Bob Marley's Everythings Gonna Be Alright the name of the new product). And it just made everyone smile!
Next, another presentation all about Primavera's 25th birthday party, held at their fantastic new HQ in Bavaria last year. The presentation included beautiful photo's of smiley Primavera employee's and partners (many with their children and families); and of the massively impressive eco-building they all work in - with feng shui designed office space, ponds and gardens. Then, more music to coincide with a photo of a rainbow appearing over Primavera HQ - you guessed it, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Tribute Band version). Perfect! Have a look at this you tube video (it's not the rainbow version, but you get the idea!)
Finally, we saw a short film about the work Primavera are doing with the charity Plant for the Planet, you can see it here : This is a charity, whose message is 'stop talking start planting' and that's what they do, and get lots of children involved to spread the message along the way. This film documents how Primavera got involved.
I think what I was reminded of, was that Primavera truly believes in everything it stands for. Purity, integrity, honesty and efficacy. At the core of everything is the desire to create the highest quality natural products that embrace a natural green lifestyle. In the words of founder Ute Leube, 'this means treading lightly on the planet, taking only what we need and giving back what we can'. Primavera certainly practice what they preach!

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 13:43 / Comment

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