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Florascent - Natural & Organic Room Fragrances

Create a natural ambience in your home this spring with Florascent Room Fragrances

It's getting to that time of year - the Spring Clean. Maybe it's just me but I quite look forward to getting out the cleaning utensils, and getting the house ready for a beautiful summer - fingers crossed! Once all my cleaning is over I need a room fragrance to finalise my cleaning accomplishment - but can't stand the synthetic plug-ins. They are expensive, not long-lasting plus most of them just stink. A favourite diffuser of mine is a good reed diffuser, they last absolutely ages and they always let out just the right amount of fragrance, and for that extra aroma burst just flip the reeds.

Going into stores you'll find it's always the same fragrance - warm vanilla, soft linen, lavender blah blah. I want something unique and I want something that looks nice on my mantelpiece - welcome Florascent.

These fragrances are fairly new to the UK, they are manufactured and established in Germany so it's now time for them to shine in the UK. Florascent not only create room fragrances but they do an exceptional range of perfumes - plus Florascent is a complete natural and organic range so no nautious synthetic aromas in there!

Anyway, back to the room fragrances. There are five unique aromas to choose from which I will try to explain.

The first one is Antibes - my favourite. It's described as a "Mediterranean composition with an air of the Cote d'Azur, with delicate lavender, eucalyptus wood as well as spicy and woody aspects" It's a beautiful fragrance that has a relaxing, calming aroma - plus it's hint of spicyness and wood turns boring lavender into a unique blend.

The second, Jardin Anglais - "A tender floral bouquet of yellow tea roses, rhododendrum, and magnolia combined with the fragrance of fresh cut grass". A gorgeous summer fragrance.

Next is Marrakesh, a spicy aroma - "Moroccan rose and aromatic spices create a mystical fragrance from the Orient" it's a very warming fragrance.

Sienna "A fragrance as fresh as a citrus grove in Tuscany..." This aroma smells like fresh cucumber, uplifting and zesty. A perfect aroma for summer.

Finally there is Vent de Ceylan - a smell for Christmas. "Cinnamon, vanilla and tonka bean create a beautiful warming aroma".

These natural room fragrances are perfect for creating the perfect ambience at home, naturally - but don't let the price put you off as these beauties will last you 12 months and beyond, and their thick glass old fashioned styled bottles look gorgeous.

Posted by: Pat Hume / 02 March 2012 at 16:59 / Comment

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