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Lavera NEW Improved Formulas and Products

Lavera's Organic Easter Treat

Easter is a time for indulging in tasty treats, so don't feel guilty about pampering your skin and ensuring it's ready for the spring/summer months with lavera's Body Spa Organic Honey Moments Body Lotion, 8.45. Full of organic lovelies this nourishes and cares for the skin while relaxing the senses.
Ignite spring into your beauty routine with some rose-infused treats from the Organic Wild Rose collection. Nothing feels as refreshing as the soothing Rose Garden Creamy Body Wash, 7.45. The luxurious formulation leaves skin perfectly cleansed and wonderfully soft. The Body Spa Organic Rose Garden Body Oil, 7.95 is an ideal post-shower or bath treat. With its mix of fresh rose and softening oil texture it's the ultimate product for the body this season. Make the most out of this body beautifying treat by using it after an indulgent bath when skin is 80 per cent dry for a real moisture boost.
For an extra treat the Revitalising Face Mask, 2.90, is a 15 minute mask that'll infuse skin with rose flower water and organic macadamia leaving it brighter, fresher and feeling smoother. For rose-tinted treats spoil yourself over the holidays with the 24-Hour Moisturising Cream, 14.90 and Nourishing Eye Gel, 15.90, giving skin that fresh moisture it needs and eradicating tightness in the skin.
Say goodbye to the pasty winter months and treat yourself to some of lavera's spring/summer make up bag essentials. Skin this season is all about barely there coverage and for a flawless finish that'll suit the current catwalk looks and let your natural beauty shine through Natural Liquid Foundation, 11.90, is just the ticket. Infused with Argan oil and blossom butter it's a gorgeously fresh colour with skin nourishing goodness too making it feel as beautiful as it looks.
Sheer colour on lips is in vogue right now but rather than lip glosses the look is lighter, fresher and prettier. Beautiful Lips in Berry Violet, 10.90 mixed in with a lip balm is the prettiest way to pout this Easter.
A fresh blush on cheeks is the quickest and easiest way to 'pretty' yourself up as it screams 'health'. So Fresh Mineral Powder in Shimmering Rose Light, 11.90, looks unbelievably fresh and glowing when applied softly to the apples of your cheeks. Just load up your blusher brush, smile in the mirror and swirl on the fullest part of your cheeks. Et voila!

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