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Easter Pampering Treat with Facial Oils

Easter is nearly here, and it is time to treat yourself. If chocolates not your thing (REALLY??), then it's a good excuse to indulge in a little skin pampering treat. 100% natural, organic luxury skincare brand, PrimaveraŽ have got just the choice of special blends, oils, creams and lotions to take yourself to pamper heaven and back again. Where to start? Well, how about the Moisturizing Bronzing Seed Oil Capsules, they're even listed under the heading 'Treat' in the brochure I'm looking at right now. OK, I take the hint (or should that be Tint, he he).
They are little biodegradable, vegetable-based capsules that look like a cod liver oil supplement. But instead of something fishy, these little gems contain natural bronzers that give you a gorgeous subtle sun-kissed glow, as well as the perfect combination of intensive seed oils to leave your skin perfectly nourished and moisturized. Don't be put off because it is an oil. If you've never used a face oil as a moisturiser before, you might assume it will leave you looking a little shiny? Not if you use the right product and the right dosage. The beauty about these bronzing capsules is that you can't get the dosage wrong - it contains the perfect amount that you need. Just break off the end of the capsule, squeeze the precious oil into your hands, rub your palms together to warm the oil, then massage into your face, (don't rush this bit as it is incredibly therapeutic, as well as beneficial to your skin). They are packed with neroli (bitter orange blossom oil, soothing, strengthening and calming), cassis (blackcurrant oil, seals in moisture using essential fatty acids to soften and smooth) and sea buckthorn oil (which provides the colour), mmmm ... you are left with beautifully vibrant skin that is glowing with health.
I'll share a little secret with you. We were going to a friend's wedding in the summer, and it was a bit of a reunion so my husband had had very little sleep and boy could you tell! I persuaded him to try one of Primavera's Bronzing Seed Oil capsules and the transformation was amazing. He looked like he'd had at least 9 hours sleep, and was beaming in all the photo's.
By the way, be warned PrimaveraŽ skincare is BRILLIANT - once you've used it, nothing else compares.

Posted by: Pat Hume / 05 April 2012 at 12:29 / Comment

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