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Organyc 100% organic cotton wet wipes

Do you call them Intimate Wipes or Wet Wipes?

OK, so in the last Organyc blog I said that this time I would be writing a review for the Intimate Wash. Hands up, I chickened out! Well, not exactly chickened out, more like I still haven't tried the product, so don't feel qualified to blog about it. Sorry! Instead, I thought I'd write some more about Organyc's 100% Cotton Wet Wipes (or Intimate Wipes as they were still called in my last blog).
The name has changed. It seems we're not as liberated as our Italian cousins (where Organyc is produced), we may be a bit too English to be happy buying 'Intimate Wipes'. Oh no - as a nation, we're much happier buying 'Wet Wipes', with the tagline Intimate Wipes for Intimate Hygiene. Well, this is a whole new topic. So, armed with my trusty pack of Organyc Wet Wipes I set about testing the product all over again - ignoring the 'Intimate Wipes' tagline!
Wet Wipes are a completely different product. With these, I can hand them out in public to friends who have spilt a drink on themselves, or whose baby needs a quick clean up. These trusty wet wipe-companions can be brought out in even the most exclusive social gatherings (not that I have many of those!).
They are perfect for camping, glamping or taking with you during festival season. Use them to remove your make-up, freshen-up, clean your hands - the list is endless. AND guess what, you don't need to hide the packet anymore because they are just good old Wet Wipes! Nothing offensive or embarrassing there for us Brits, you could even give one to your granny!
Still made from 100% cotton, they don't contain any synthetic ingredients, bleaches or artificial perfumes, they are certified organic and are totally biodegradable and compostable. Cotton = comfort, so we're happy all round, and it's OK, you don't have to use the word intimate anymore. But it IS still OK to use them on your private parts - ssshhhh....

Posted by: Pat Hume / 19 April 2012 at 14:07 / Comment

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