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Bringing you information & updates on organic lifestyles, great beauty and skincare products from Lavera, benecos and Primavera, Organic houselold cleaners from Alma Win and natural toothbrushes from Monte-Bianco.


ORGANYC - Your first period

It's a moment you will always remember - the moment your first period starts. It's scary and exciting to know that you are on the first step to becoming a woman. Do something to celebrate - buy a new top, perfume, nail varnish - a lovely thing to make you feel special. Your body is precious and going through many changes so you need to make sure you look after yourself. You can start by using organic sanitary products which will ensure that your delicate skin is not exposed to "nasties" more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 08 April 2013 at 09:48 / Comment

Primavera - Aromatherapy Roll-On

Primavera: Aroma Roll-Ons

I have always been a fan of aromatherapy , enjoying making up my own mixes, so discovering that Primavera have their own special organic blends in handy handbag sized Aroma Roll-Ons   was a joy!   Personal organic aromatherapy that is always accessible is definitely a selling point with me. I discovered that the PRIMAVERAŽ Aroma Roll On formulas are based on floral and plant waters and contain pure essential oils that treat you to a moment of wellness anywhere, more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 April 2013 at 14:54 / Comment

terre d'Oc - Morroco Pure Argan Oil

I use Terre d'Oc  - Pure Argan Oil

I use Terre d'Oc   - Pure Argan Oil religiously on face, hair and nails . Rich in Vitamin E, this amazing oil is an antioxidant, combats free radicals and is rich in fatty acids making it revitalising and moisturising. In Middle Eastern countries, skin care is drawn from ancient recipes and argan oil is an essential ingredient, women use it on their face for its regenerating properties, to revitalize their hair, and as a protective oil more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 April 2013 at 14:37 / Comment

lavera new bb crea- beautiful balm

Lavera - NEW Beauty Balm

I love make up - the whole ritual of applying different colours and shades, mixing and matching foundations, tinted moisturisers, powders and bronzers - creating seasonal and daytime/nightime looks. But my absolute favourite find this year has been Lavera Beauty Balm . It ticks so many boxes, ensuring I can achieve a flawless natural look without fuss and combining daily moisturising with just a touch of make-up, helping me achieve a natural complexion. The light cream goes on smoothly and offers me lasting hydration and a natural glow, rather than an 'over more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 02 April 2013 at 11:30 / Comment

Florascent Perfume - Aqua Floralis

Florascent - Aqua Floralis

Florascent uses only natural fragrances , the purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts which their creations are built on. In a maturation period of several months Florascent's scent compositions are given time to develop their distinctive and mellow character. Reflecting this standard of pefumery, Florascent's Aqua Floralis range is floral, alluring and feminine, with fragrances evoking sun and romance.  1 er Mai - Invokes a sense of spring,  with Green tangerine combined with green notes of galbanum . A chorus of more

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 02 April 2013 at 10:22 / Comment