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Florascent Perfume - Aqua Floralis

Florascent - Aqua Floralis

Florascent uses only natural fragrances, the purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts which their creations are built on.
In a maturation period of several months Florascent's scent compositions are given time to develop their distinctive and mellow character.
Reflecting this standard of pefumery, Florascent's Aqua Floralis range is floral, alluring and feminine, with fragrances evoking sun and romance. 

1 er Mai - Invokes a sense of spring,  with Green tangerine combined with green notes of galbanum . A chorus of rose and bloomy jasmine resonate with exotic champac with a tinge of tuberose.

Jasmine - The finest Italian jasmine is at the heart of this fragrance with fruity notes including green tangerine. This delicate fragrance will appeal to every sense.

Mimosa - Feminine and alluring, this eau de toilette has been created by combining mimosa with roses for a particularly captivating effect. Uplifting and sensual, mimosa brings a hint of the exotic to this fragrance.

Pivoine - Creates impressions of a springtime garden  with a bright and enchanting bouquet of peony, Sicilian lemon, rose blossoms and jasmine.

Rose - Rose is the quintessential scent of summer and this eau de toilette uses the finestMay roses from Grasse, known for their delicate perfume.  Irresistibly attractive, Rose eau de toilette also has notes of apricot and a smooth hint of clove.

Ylang - Is intriguing and exotic, with Madagascan white ylang flowers sensuously blended with tuberose and orange blossoms.

Aqua Floralis is a joy to the senses.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 02 April 2013 at 10:22 / Comment

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