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Primavera - Aromatherapy Roll-On

Primavera: Aroma Roll-Ons

I have always been a fan of aromatherapy, enjoying making up my own mixes, so discovering that Primavera have their own special organic blends in handy handbag sized Aroma Roll-Ons  was a joy!   Personal organic aromatherapy that is always accessible is definitely a selling point with me.

I discovered that the PRIMAVERAŽ Aroma Roll On formulas are based on floral and plant waters and contain pure essential oils that treat you to a moment of wellness anywhere, anytime.

The roller ball applicator means a quick, no-spill way to apply - Simply roll on the neck, brow, and temples as needed and breathe deeply.

Organic Anti Stress Aroma Roll On contains Lavender to help relax the mind and body.

Harmony lifts your mood with the delicate scents of Rose, Rose Geranium and other fragrant essential oils.  Will also relieve anxiety and promote general wellbeing. 

Clear Mind is a minty, refreshingly aromatic blend of lemon, rosemary and pine, ideal for clearing the mind and relieving headaches.

Good Mood  Uplifts with  essences of warm ginger and zingy citrus.

The range also includes Cold Therapy, A brief application to the wrists, chest area, below the nose  or temples delivers powerful yet gentle congestion-clearing relief.  It can also be used in a diffuser to gently inhale.

Organic Lavender Sleep Therapy Roll On  is a safe and natural aid to encourage a good night's sleep. A blend of lavender for relaxation along with rosewood and vanilla aids restful sleep and is especially useful when travelling.

All The PRIMAVERA@ Aroma Roll-Ons  are certified Natrue and are Vegan

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 April 2013 at 14:54 / Comment

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