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Lavera Faces for each skin type

Lavera Organic Face Care Collection by Emma Gunavardhana, OK Magazine

It's always a good idea to evaluate whether your skincare is working for you, especially when the seasons change and our skin can need more or less nourishment and other skincare needs. The lavera Organic FACE Care collection has an offering for everyone and if your skin doesn't take kindly to the change in season then maybe a new regimen is just the thing.
The Organic Calendula collection is perfect for combination skin and as well as being infused with organic calendula it also contains vitamin E and the Organic Balancing Cream, 13.50 responds to skincare needs while leaving a matte finish. The organic ginger in the Balancing Mask, 2.90, relieves congestion, calendula soothes and mango seed butter nourishes.
Oilier skin types will love the refreshing zing from the Organic Mint Collection. The Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid, 10.90, contains organic burdock and mineral zinc lactate, which combined tackle scars and blemishes, encourage cell renewal and leave skin mattyfied. For on-the-spot relief from blemishes there's the innovative 2-in-1 Anti Blemish Treatment, 10.90, which contains peppermint and tea tree to cool the area and give antiseptic relief at one end, as well as a handy concealer at the other.
Finally smell the roses this Spring/Summer and treat yourself to the fragrantly delicious Organic Rose collection that'll soothe and nourish dry and mature skin. A 24-Hour Moisturising Cream, 14.90, nourishes and brightens while the Intensive Care Liposome Cream, 15.90, has the added bonus of avocado oil for dealing with stubborn dryness. Dehydration lines around the eyes can be the first real signs of ageing but the Nourishing Eye Gel, 15.90, will give an instantly firm feel and hydrate for a smooth look. For a real treat the Revitalising Mask, 2.90, gives an extra boost of nourishment thanks to macadamia oils for a 15-minute relaxing treat. There's no better excuse to turn off the phone and zone out than this rose scented treat.
Written by Emma Gunavardhana, OK Magazine

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 15 May 2012 at 14:40 / Comment

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