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Primavera Certified Natural Skin Care - The Golden Rules

Primavera Skin Care - The Golden Rules...

I'm hoping for sun soon - I feel like my legs have never seen the light of day and my skin has a porridgy grey hue. In preparation for the spectacularly gorgeous summer we are going to have (fingers and toes crossed) I have starting prepping my skin to make the most of the sun's rays when they appear.

The Golden Rules are:

1 Exfoliate to make sure that your skin is smooth as dry skin can often lead to peeling, and an uneven tan.
PRIMAVERAŽ's Organic Juniper Berry & Cypress Body Scrub smells divine and contains natural and organic ingredients like jojoba wax and olive seed to gently buff away dead skin. 

2. Moisturise - to ensure skin is hydrated.
For the face PRIMAVERAŽ's Bronzing Seed Oil Capsules are enriched with organic evening primrose oil to moisturise, as well as buriti oil to leave a natural wash-off tint.

For the Body - PRIMAVERAŽ's Restoring Rose & Sallow Thorn Body Lotion is a light lotion containing organic rose essential oil and sallow thorn to provide the ultimate skin hydration.

PRIMAVERAŽ products contain only natural and organic ingredients, so are kind to skin and minimise irritation that conventional products containing synthetic ingredients may cause.

Here's hoping for summer.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 May 2013 at 12:25 / Comment

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