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terre d'Oc organic & natural mineral make up - Smoky Eye Look

Get Smoky with Mr Grey

Saucy! Not THAT Mr Grey, I'm talking about the grey eye shadow you need to achieve the smoky-eye look that is so IN this season darling!

Its autumn, so it's time to revamp the make-up bag, and update my look *flicks through the glossies for some inspiration*. Hooray! The smoky-eye look is back! It's bigger and bolder with smoky shades of grey and sultry chocolate vamped up with peacock blues and greens. Thanks to the terre d'Oc natural and organic choice of eye shadows, eye kohl, eyeliners (both liquid and pencil) and mascara's, my look will be bang on trend again this season!

I've always been told that all good make-up looks start with a good base - so after cleansing, toning and moisturising, follow with a good foundation, (I'm sure I've already mentioned how great the Anti-pollution Foundation is, so that's sorted!), then sweep a neutral shade all over the eye area (I'm a big fan of the Compact Eye Shadow in Rose), then use the Duo Creamy Eye Shadow in grey & black, it's the perfect little kit to start to achieve this smoky-eye look. Apply the Grey all over the eye-lid, blending along the crease of the eye; then shade along the lash line with the black, getting wider towards the outer edge of the eye and tapering off for a dramatic effect. Then, and this is the genius bit, apply a thick but smooth line of blue (yes, BLUE) eye kohl along the upper lash line (to get with the peacock blue hue), and smudge along the lower lash line too if you like, followed by lashings of black mascara. If you really want to glam up the look further, you could even apply black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line too (like you're underlining the blue kohl line), before you add the mascara.

If the grey / black combo is too heavy for you, you could achieve a toned down version of the look with the Compact Eye Shadow in Chestnut, then use a green eye kohl instead of blue, and there is always the option of brown liquid eyeliner and brown mascara too.
Finish with a quick slick of lip gloss (pink, 302 is perfect) and ta da - I've got the perfect make-up look, watch out 2012, here I come! *

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 September 2012 at 11:22 / Comment

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