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Primavera Life - Organic Seed Oil / Face Oil

It's all coming up roses!

Apparently, using seed oils is the way to go for the ultra in skin nourishment. Because their make up is so similar to that of our own skin, it is easier for the skin to process the beneficial qualities more quickly, ergo it gets to work straight away, providing a more intensive treatment (get me sounding all science-y!).

I've tried the Bronzing Seed Oil Capsules, so I don't need persuading about the benefits of including seed oil in my skin care routine. But what seed oil to choose for a night-time treat, when nourishing and replenishing your tired face is the required outcome?

Hello Primavera Rosehip Seed Oil! Rosehip Seed Oil is great for dry and dehydrated skin - packed with Omega 3 and 6 oils (rich in essential fatty acids needed to keep our skin looking fresh and radiant), AND Vitamins A and E, it provides the perfect nourishment to achieve the holy grail that is the youthful glow!

I know thatfacial oils are fantastic for achieving soft and smooth skin, I'm a big fan of the facial massage step of my skin care routine (all that extra me-time!). So go on then - I'll try this new wonder oil, just so I can report back to you of course! Rosehip is featured a lot in the beauty press right now, (Boots recently launched its 100% organic facial oil, which is apparently packed with the stuff). It seems like Rosehip's the new Argan Oil as we go into A/W 12, and I'm totally sold on that.

I have to say I love it. I am constantly impressed by the quality of PrimaveraŽ, genuinely natural and organic and also with the luxurious feel of a spa brand. I have recently moved house, and admit I was a bit lapse in my daily skin care routine for a couple of days (what with having no bathroom ... another story), so my skin was crying out for some TLC. I have been applying the Rosehip Seed Oil (blended with Sweet Almond Oil) after cleansing and toning (using the Revitalising range) every evening for the last 5 days now, and my skin is very grateful, I can tell! I recommend it to anyone who has been a bit busy recently and has neglected their poor little face a bit, go on treat yourself to a little bit of me-time. To coin a phrase - you're worth it!

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 September 2012 at 11:24 / Comment

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