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Organyc 100% organic cotton baby wipes

Caring Chemical-free Caress Baby Wipes

So far in this Organyc blog, I've been concentrating on the feminine hygiene products in the range - but that isn't all Organyc has to offer. There are also some beauty items - the softest, fluffiest cotton wool and cotton pads, and also cotton buds. And the newest item in the range is Sweet Caress Baby Wipes. It's an obvious progression when you think about it, I've been harping on about how important it is to make sure we only use the finest, natural and organic cotton products for our own personal use, but what about all the chemicals you could possibly bring into contact with your baby's most delicate and precious skin if you use baby wipes on a daily basis?

Some disposable baby wipes can contain potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances; Johnson & Johnson have just announced plans to remove a range of potentially harmful chemicals from its personal care products by 2013, that's great news - but that's still a few months away, and then there's always the time delay until we actually see the safer formula on the shelves. Organyc's Sweet Caress Wipes are already chemical-free and completely natural, so they're ideal to use on babies, to keep then free from nappy rash and other irritations. Remember, babies immune-systems are still in the process of developing so it's best not to use any products containing synthetic fragrances or ingredients which could be absorbed through the skin and then lead to all sorts of discomfort and irritation.

As well as being beautifully soft (they are made from 100% cotton), the new Organyc Organic Cotton Baby Wipes are packed with natural and organic chamomile and calendula, using mother nature's kindest, soothing ingredients to gently cleanse not just your baby's delicate nappy area, but also face and hands. They're wonderfully moisturising too, so all round a great choice for mum's as well (and dads, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nana's ...).

Overall the Organyc range continues to both educate and impress me. I'd never even considered what might have been in wet wipes, cotton wool or tampons before discovering this brand. And chemicals aside (if that honestly doesn't bother you), you really should give Organyc products a go because they are just so soft and smooth, nothing 'cotton-like' about this brand, just 100% cotton all the way!

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 September 2012 at 11:25 / Comment

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