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Cleaning - itís time for a change

My cleaning cupboard needs a complete overhaul, so I have decided to swap my chemical conventional cleaning products and put these natural and organic ones to the test!!! With a big hairy dog living in my house, as you can imagine I need a good grime buster to sort that kitchen floor out, especially with the horrible weather we have all had (think muddy paw prints and dirt galore).
I usually buy a kitchen cleaning spray to do pretty much all of my kitchen cleaning chores, and a separate floor cleaner, so I was really amazed to find that Alma Win do a Household Cleaner that is multi-functional. Guys, this could be just the wonder product I've been looking for. It is concentrated, so I used just 1 little cap to create my own kitchen spray for the worktops and tiles, then I mixed the left-over spray with water to clean the floor. OMG, it's amazing! The units are clean and fresh, the floor is gleaming - and all this from just one small capful! By the looks of it, I am going to save a fortune.
Now that I have been converted, I decided to go for it and buy some natural laundry liquid to help with the tons of washing I have, so I've gone for Alma Win's Liquid Detergent. Again, you only need one cap, it cleans AND protects clothes, and is not irritating on sore sensitive skin as it has no chemical nasty's in it. I've been left speechless by the 2 products I've tried. My cleaning routine is chemical-free, and so is my house (better for me and my dog) which makes me feel a lot happier - and knowing the natural stuff does as good, if not better a job, as what I was originally using is amazing.
I think 2012 (with all the talk of another recession) will be much more affordable by switching to concentrated cleaning products that are good value for money, that you can use and mix as you need. I will be able to make loads of kitchen cleaner up, which will save me a lot of money. Say good bye to chemical nasty's in 2012 and replace them with natural and organic cleaning and laundry products - you will be surprised at the results and the money you save!

Posted by: Rebecca Dixon / 01 February 2012 at 15:58 / Comment

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