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Alma Win - Household Cleaner

Alma Win - Household Cleaner - Spring Cleaning!

Ok, so at the time of writing this Spring has not exactly sprung, in fact I can see meringue like structures of snow from my window - and I do believe someone has attempted to make an igloo. I hope that when you read this he sun will be shining, the temperature will be balmy and your thoughts will be turning to ..... Spring Cleaning! I'm starting my clean up at the beginning of April and using 100% natural AlmaWin Household Cleaner, it's mild to the skin, but tough on dirt and grease. Fragranced with certified organic essential lemon, mint and eucalyptus oils it makes my home smell fresh and clean without any of the chemical nasties contained in conventional cleaners. This handy organically certified cleaner tackles all hard surfaces such as tiles, floors, doors and varnished surfaces. AlmaWin Household Cleaner is concentrated so all you need is a 10ml spoon to 5 litres of hot water, making it an economical way to clean your home. Animal lovers can be assured that AlmaWin Household Cleaner is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans.

Alma Win Organic Household Cleaner Concentrate 5 Litre

Alma Win Organic Household Cleaner Concentrate 500ml

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