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Alma Win - Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning! Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate

Now the sun is starting to peep out from behind the clouds, it's time to get our dusters out and give our homes a good Spring Clean!  If you're like me, you are a fan of organic chemical free cleaning and don't want to fill your home with unpleasant and harsh chemicals , you'll want to try  Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate.
Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate
gives all water resistant surfaces a squeaky clean sparkle. It cleans windows, mirrors, glass plates, tables, TV screens and computer monitors, varnished furniture, epoxy furniture, tiles, car-consoles, and windscreens, e.g. it can also be used in the windscreen wash in cars.   Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate leaves glass and surfaces dust free streak free and clean.
Simply spray well on to the surface to be cleaned and wipe dry. If the surface is heavily stained then pre-clean with water, then spray the glass-cleaner onto it, let it react for a minute or two, rub it in and finally wipe it dry.
Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate
has been fully and successfully dermatologically tested and all of the raw materials they use are biodegradable.

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 01 May 2013 at 10:31 / Comment

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