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Alma Win Organic Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate

Glossy Glass Anyone?

Maybe it's a bit strange to get all excited about a glass and window cleaner. But I am! I make more of an effort to clean the windows at this time of year - perhaps it's the fact that the sun shines more or there is less rain (ha, who am I kidding), or maybe it's because there are more daylight hours, but I really notice clean, sparkly windows. And I want them - clean windows for my car, clean windows for my house, and inside too - nice sparkly, streak-free mirrors look fab, and we all love a soot-free door on the wood-burner! (If you've got one, you'll know how hard this is to achieve!). I have tried many, many glass-cleaning products over the years - from super chemical-laden high street brands, to supermarket own-brands, to good old water and vinegar, and I have found my favourite. Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner wins hands down.
It is 100% natural and organic, so it doesn't have that choky-chemicals-in-the-back-of-your-throat side effect that the fumes of some more potent brands have; it smells really fresh and nice. It is also concentrated, so you don't need to use very much. AND it is one of the best 'streak-free' glass cleaners I have come across, making it nice and easy to use. I have used it on the windows of the house; inside to clean mirrors, tiles and the shower surround; plus it is the best product I have found for cleaning that thick layer of soot off the inside of a slightly old and past-it wood-burning stove (spray it on, leave for about 15 minutes then just wipe off the soot, easy peasy).
Another little tip - after spraying on the Glass & Window Cleaner, wipe off with newspaper for super shiny glass that will make the neighbours green with envy! Ooh, I've gone all Anthea Turner!
Finally, the added bonus to using the Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner is that it is completely biodegradable, it's certified organic, it has no added preservatives, is successfully dermatologically tested and it is not tested on animals. Which means it is totally guilt-free, I know that by using this cleaning product I am not polluting the rivers, or harming the environment in any way, and I'm not going to choke on the fumes either!

Posted by: Yukiko Nagamine / 03 September 2012 at 11:20 / Comment

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