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Organyc - Organic 100% Cotton Baby Wipe

Organyc Best for Baby

Soft and fluffy, cotton wool has always been trusted to clean baby's delicate skin, whether it's in the nappy area or elsewhere, but did you know that cotton crops are subject to heavy use of hazardous insecticides, with traces remaining once the cotton is harvested.

Raw cotton may be bleached and dyed before being processed into everyday baby care products available on the high street.

Your baby is the most precious thing in the world, so it's a small change to switch to organic cotton products, but the benefits to your baby's skin are enormous.

Cotton wool pads, balls and baby wipes are in contact with baby's skin several times a day so chemical free is the best option.

Organic cotton is free from insecticides and chemical treatments making it the perfect choice for keeping baby's skin healthy and comfortable.
Organyc produces a range of certified organic cotton products, from cotton wool to baby wipes.

The baby wipes in particular are perfect for the nappy area, yet gentle enough to be used on hands and face (some mums use them themselves to remove make-up!). I always have a pack in the car to deal with sticky faces and hands.

Organic cotton buds are perfect for washing tiny fingers and toes and are kind on soft delicate skin.Organic cotton pads and balls are good all rounders  - useful for a top and tail in the morning, and day to day babycare.

Care for your Baby's precious skin with Organyc

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