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Natural Perfume. Pure Luxury Fragrances.

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Florascent Natural and Organic Perfumes - Natural perfume. Pure luxury fragrances.

Florascent Organic Perfume & Home Fragrances

Florascent Perfume - luxury organic perfume and organic home fragrances

September is Organic Month and Florascent's organic perfumes and home fragrances offer natural quality with an ethical conscience


Florascent's range of organic perfumes, men's eau de toilette and home fragrances not only meet the highest ethical standards with their natural, organic ingredients, but they also smell divine and will look gorgeous on any dressing table thanks to the chic, vintage-inspired glass bottles and beautifully adorned outer boxes.

Each of the four ranges of women's perfume has a distinctive theme and the collection of eau de toilette within each range reflects its name. Aqua Floralis contains luxurious fruity and floral notes, while Aqua Aromatica transports the wearer to the southern Mediterranean with its heady notes of lavender and Sicilian lemon. Aqua Composita has enticing base notes including sandalwood, creating a stylish scent. Aqua Orientalis as may be expected is rich with the fragrances characteristic of the East including rosewood, myrrh, patchouli and saffron.
The entire Florascent range contains only organic, natural essential oils and is free from synthetic materials, chemicals and pesticides which can be absorbed into the skin, causing irritation and aggravating allergies and sensitive skin.

Jo Blaylock from Florascent says:

"Many consumers don't realise the level of artificial products in their perfumes and home fragrances. Synthetic perfumes can contain on average 14 harmful chemicals and many contain ingredients which are still tested on animals. These days choosing natural doesn't mean settling for second best - every scent in the Florascent range is painstakingly formulated by their master perfumier, and is designed to smell fabulous and be long lasting."

The Home Fragrance range is as carefully produced as the products which will come into contact with the skin as synthetic fragrances derived from petrochemicals can cause migraines, lung irritation and nausea.
The five products in theRoom Fragrance range evoke the rich aromas associated with their names: lavender and eucalyptus for Antibes; tea roses and magnolia for Jardin d'Anglais; Moroccan rose for Marrakesh; citrus groves for Siena and cinnamon and vanilla for Vent de Ceylan.
For the men, the stylish Aqua Colonia range contains Du Soleil, Habanna, Patchouly, Santal and Vetyver eau de toilette. Spicy notes including ginger, patchouli, bergamot and sage create fragrances which are as individual as their wearers. There is also a men's eau de toilette in the Aqua Composita range - Monsieur Balode - with its velvety aromatic essences of geranium and davana.


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