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Florascent launches Japanese-inspired range of unisex fragrances

Florascent 100% Natural Perfume - New Japanese Unisex Perfume Collection

Florascent unveils their heavily anticipated range of five new fragrances inspired by the life, culture, success and tradition of Japan.

Each individual scent is evocative of a different aspect of Japan, from sweet floral cherry blossoms to the beauty of the Geishas and the intensity of a fast-paced urban lifestyle.

The premium German perfume brand which uses only 100% natural and organic essential oils has released the five new scents to complement its existing range of handmade fragrances.

The making of every fragrance is the work of Florascent's perfumer-in-residence, Roland Tentunian, who weaves together the art of traditional 17th century perfumery with the technical know-how and ecological concern of a modern day master perfumer.

Jo Blaylock from Florascent says,
“If you could capture the scent of beauty and bottle it, that is what the new Japanese range smells like. The woody and spicy scent of TANE is the opposite of the aromatic, fresh scent of KI, but both are beautiful, enigmatic and offer an exciting new fragrance experience to the wearer."

"All but one of the fragrances in the new range are unisex, yet the same scent smells completely different on a man than it does a woman. It's incredible how the same scent brings out the masculinity on a man and yet smells light and feminine when worn by a woman."

Introducing Florascent's new Japanese -inspired fragrance collection

- Aromatic, woody and mild. Classical Japan - urban yet sensitive, encapsulating the mood of the mysterious and beautiful Geishas. Unisex.

- A sweet, feminine, floral fragrance of cherry blossom. The sweet smell of art, performance and culture. For women.

- Citrus, green, natural and fresh. A young, lively scent, inspired by the cutting edge aspect of Japanese life. Unisex.

- Subtle and modest yet unmistakably irresistible. Citrus, green and aromatic, reminiscent of the charming Japanese tea culture. Unisex

TANE - Balsamic, spicy and woody. TANE is the name of an ancient Japanese province where tradition and values are still as important today as they ever were.


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