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Florascent Natural and Organic Perfumes - Natural perfume. Pure luxury fragrances.

Send the right message this Valentine's

Florascent - Organic & Natural Eau de toilette - Natural Perfume for Men and Women

Saying It with Scent

Let Florascent's natural fragrances send the right message this Valentine's Day


Giving perfume or men's eau de toilette can be an intimate exchange and on Valentine's Day these gifts carry an extra romantic frisson. Choosing a fragrance for your partner is deeply personal and says so much about the giver, the receiver and their relationship, so it's important to consider several factors.

First impressions are always important and Florascent's range of organic fragrances have an immediate impact with classically-styled bottles contained within beautifully adorned, yet understated handmade outer boxes.

All fragrances are categorised into perfume 'families', for example Floral, Woody or Oriental and this applies to both male and female fragrances. If your partner likes your fragrance, choosing a perfume or eau de toilette for them from the same 'family' communicates a tangible sense of togetherness and is the ultimate in romantic perfume gifts.

Investing time and thought on your fragrance purchase is key to success so that you send - and receive - the intended message.

Florascent expert Graeme Hume says:

"Perfumes speak volumes about their wearers, so it's crucial to consider personality when choosing a fragrance for your partner. Choosing a floaty, dreamy fragrance for your sports-mad partner means that you haven't given enough thought to her, or to her perfume. For a true sharing experience our IKI Eau de Toilette is a unisex fragrance which is simple yet sophisticated."

Because Florascent's range is created using time-honoured distillation techniques with natural organic ingredients there are no synthetic aromas or additives and the purity of the fragrance comes through, making it easy to distinguish the perfume families and notes.

Florascent's range of perfumes and men's eau de toilette offer distinctive fragrances from each fragrance family, creating a unique and meaningful gift this Valentine's Day. From the fruity and floral notes of the Aqua Floralis collection through to the rich Eastern notes of Aqua Orientalis and the tonal Aqua Colonia range for men, Florascent will convey your message perfectly.

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