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What does your perfume say about you?

Florascent Organic & Natural Perfume - Press release natural perfume

What does your perfume say about you?


With so many perfumes on the market - and new ones being launched all the time - it's no easy task finding the right perfume. How do you go about finding a gorgeous fragrance that makes you feel good, leaves a delectable aroma trailing behind you and prompts the repeated question 'What perfume are you wearing?'

There are many factors to consider, but knowing the essentials of the perfume 'families' and considering your own personality along with the aura you wish to create can guide you towards fragrance heaven, both for yourself and for those around you!

"Thinking about your favourite smells is a great way to work out what you like and what your fragrance is going to say about you."

Perfumes fall into several categories and knowing what they are is an important first step in choosing your perfume:


Floaty and feminine, these perfumes contain the perfume of one or sometimes several flowers


Rich and slightly spicy, typical ingredients include cinnamon and vanilla


Fresh scents characteristic of the outdoors, evoking freshly-cut grass and leaves


A stronger scent family redolent of moss and fresh herbs


Earthy and woody. Think oak and patchouli


Musky fragrances of pine, sandalwood and cedar

It's also important to remember that every perfume has three notes - top, middle and base - which are released as the perfume reacts to your skin. The top note is the one you can smell as you apply the perfume and it fades quite quickly. The middle note is released as the perfume mellows, up to an hour after the perfume is first applied. The base note is the richest and blends with the middle note to give the main aroma and is the longest lasting. While your first impression of a perfume may be positive, it's crucial to let these notes develop to give a true idea of how a perfume will react on your skin.

What's your personality? Are you an outdoorsy-type, never happier than when striding across the countryside or being near the sea? Perfumes from the floral and green families will suit you and your lifestyle. Chypre perfumes are ideally suited to confident women who like to take the lead, while perfumes from the Oriental family evoke mystery and sensuality. Of course you can contrast perfumes throughout the day: your fresh-as-air daytime perfume personality will not be your choice for a sensuous evening.

Florascent offers a range of organic perfumes with distinctive themes:

Aqua Floralis contains luxurious fruity and floral notes, while Aqua Aromatica evokes the southern Mediterranean with its heady notes of lavender and Sicilian lemon. Aqua Composita has enticing base notes including sandalwood which creates a stylish scent and Aqua Orientalis is rich with the fragrances characteristic of the East including rosewood, myrrh and saffron.

Graeme Hume from Florascent says:
“Our perfume range has a fragrance for every mood and occasion, created by our master perfumiers using the purest flower essences and time-honoured traditions. They are distinctive, unique and alluring.

"Thinking about your favourite smells is a great way to work out what you like and what your fragrance is going to say about you. Most of all have fun playing with fragrance to create a mood or reveal aspects of your personality that others may be unaware of!"

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